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Frequently Asked Support Questions

How do I report a problem?
You can report a problem in a several ways: via email, phone, or by web form submission. We recommend you start with a web form - you will automatically get a confirmation number, and our Support Center experts are immediately notified that there is a new problem in the queue. However, for those times you need to contact a real person, phone support is also available. Here is the support information contact information again:

  Web: http://www.Wabot.com/client_support/case.html
Phone: 022.576.1435
Email: support@Wabot.com
Pager: available through our Premium support plan

Can I change my support plan?
Yes. You can change your support plan at any time. To change your support plan, contact your Wabot Salesperson, and we will update your support plan in the Support Center client database.

When can I expect an answer to my problem?
Each support plan guarantees minimum response time in its SLA (Service Level Agreement). Generally, you can expect an instant receipt acknowledgement of your problem when you use the web or email ticketing system, followed by a personal acknowledgement of your problem according to the terms of your SLA.

What exactly is DevZone?
DevZone is the support area for Developers. It includes the ability to download the latest versions of Wabot software, Developer related news, plus the ability to upload test versions of mobile applications. These test applications can then be accessed in a test environment for Pilot programs or usability studies.