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  Horizontal Industry Specific Solutions
  • Wireless CRM (Customer Response Management) Application
  • Wireless SCM (Supply Chain Management) Application
  • Database Inquiry from the Field
  • Internet Messaging - Email, Fax, paging & others
  • Field Document Distribution
  • Field Service Dispatch Application
  • Field Service Audit and Inspection Application
  • Field Sales Force Automation
  • Information of Interest - Stock Quotes, News, Weather Reports & others
  • File Transfer, Database Synchronization & Systems Management
  • Wireless Document Distribution
  • Wireless ERP
  Wireless Field Force Automation
  Deliver mission critical information to your employees when and where they can use it most. Allow your field force to provide real time information from the field for immediate and accurate processing. The productivity and capabilities of your employees can be enhanced through the right mobile application. Wabot can support the development and deployment of any mobile workforce application to meet your business needs.  
  Mobile time & attendance. Information from workers in the field has traditionally been gathered on paper, an inefficient and slow way of doing business. Mobile applications can enable your employees to enter key job start and finish data, as well as job details (e.g., trouble ticketing), at the time the work is done. Data entry, processing, and correction is minimized, data accuracy is greatly improved, and information is immediately available for analysis, billing and accounting.
  Salesforce automation. Mobile access to critical information helps salespeople close deals at the point of customer contact. They can also provide real time information back to the company to enable better customer service and fulfillment.
  Real time scheduling and deployment. Dynamic real-time scheduling can improve utilization of your workforce and help meet the needs of customers more quickly and effectively. When jobs/appointments are rescheduled or canceled, new work can be immediately slotted; if emergency jobs arise, they can be assigned quickly to the next available person. You can get more from your workers and retain your customers through better service.
  Field Sales
    Real-Time Customer Data
  • Research outstanding customer issues
  • Access appointment calendar
  • Find contact information
  • Look up customer order history
    Real-Time Pricing Access
  • Close sales on-site
  • Reduce pricing errors
  • Shut out competitive bids
  • Transmit quotes instantaneously
    Real-Time Inventory Access
  • Prevent selling out-of-stock items
  • Update inventory additions in real-time
  • Notify sales force of dyanamic changes to promotional deals
  • Enable immediate order fulfillment
    Instantaneous Document Delivery
  • Deliver product literature
  • Send product specifications
  • Transmit contract proposals
  • Forward important correspondence
  Field Service
    Real-Time Scheduling
  • Automate routing and dispatching
  • Reduce administrative overhead
  • Enable immediate job status changes
  • Increase logistics efficiencies
    Real-Time Customer Data
  • Read service/maintenance history
  • Scan payment history
  • Find service level information
  • Research order history
    Availability of Parts and Materials
  • Schedule trips based on parts availability
  • Secure parts and materials from inventory
  • Improve inventory management
  • Accelerate return authorization process
    Customer Service
  • Enhance troubleshooting through on-line tools
  • Schedule preventative maintenance
  • Better service appointment accuracy
  • Improve customer response times
    Mobile Data Collection
  • Online and Distance Learning Using Wireless Technology
  • Wireless Phone Office Applications
  • Wireless Workgroup Application
  • Wireless Internet Infrastructure Services - Content Adaptation & Delivery
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