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  Firewall management
  Firewalls can protect an enterprise against potential threats by controlling and monitoring access to both your private network and public Internet. Wabot Labs firewall management services ensures that your firewall is secure and operational 24x7 without having to configure or manage it yourself.  
  Key features include
  • Management & configuration your firewall to ensure it is done correctly.
  • Ensures your firewalls and VPN networks are up and running at all times.
  • Software updates and releases maintained by Wabot Labs
  • Gain Instant Access to Firewall Experts
  Wabot Labs offers two levels of the Firewall Management service, simply titled Level 1 and Level 2. Wabot Level 1 is the management service level designed to keep administration in the hands of your IT department while Wabot Labs functions as administrative support. Wabot Level 2 is a "hands-off" service and is designed for the company with minimal IT resources or time. For the Level 2 management service, Wabot Labs becomes the sole administrator of your company firewall, VPN and host-based intrusion detection.
  Level 1: Administrative support
  For Level 1, both your IT department and Wabot Labs maintain administrative accounts on the managed firewall. Wabot Labs helps setup a ProWall or OpenBSD-based server sold through one of our server partners to be the managed device. A Level 1 service provides the following:
  • Installation and configuration support of your firewall.
  • 24x7 monitoring of firewall and connection uptime.
  • Security Alerts and software maintenance documentation is sent to your administrators as soon as they are released.
  • Monthly reports on managed server uptime, activity and active ports.In addition to management of firewall services, Wabot Labs offers the following management options to the Level 1 service.
  Optional Packages:
  • VPN - Virtual Private Networking - By adding support for VPN, you add the following to your Level 1 management program: Installation and configuration support for an OpenBSD-based server to be a VPN concentrator, 24x7 monitoring of configured VPN tunnels, security alert and software maintenance instructions specific to the VPN and monthly reports will now include information on tunnel uptime and connections.
  • Host-based IDS - By adding host-based IDS to your Level 1 service, Wabot Labs sets up your ProWall or OpenBSD-based firewall to log and filter traffic for the purpose of real-time intrusion analysis. The host-based IDS package also adds the following to a Level 1 management service:
  Installation and configuration support for IDS software on managed firewall/VPN, 24x7 monitoring of logs from intrusion detection software, rapid communication of suspicious activity, security alerts and software maintenance documentation for IDS software. With the host-based IDS package, monthly reports will also include the list of critical network activity picked up by the IDS software.
  Level 2: Complete outsourced management - If your company's IT resources are either small or are spread too thin to give proper attention to security maintenance, Wabot Labs can help with our Level 2 Firewall Management service. Level 2 differs from Level 1 in that Wabot Labs maintains sole administration over the managed firewall(s). Your company can still influenceoperation of the managed devices however. Contacting Wabot Labs directly does this and the desired changes will be made for you. For the Level 2 Firewall Management service, Wabot Labs provides the following:
  Preconfiguration and installation support (with physical installation walk-through) for your firewall.
  • 24x7 monitoring of firewall and connection uptime.
  • Diagnosis of connectivity problems.
  • Wabot Labs performs remote software maintenance as exploits are discovered.
  • Monthly reports, which include managed firewall uptime, activity, active ports and a log of software maintenance are performed and sent to the primary contact at your company.
  Wabot Labs offers the following options to the Level 2 service.
  Optional Packages:
  VPN - Hands-off management of Virtual Private Network services - This package adds preconfiguration or remote setup of an OpenBSD-based firewall to perform virtual private networking using the IPSec protocol. The VPN package adds the following to your Level 2 management service: Remote configuration or preconfiguration of the firewall to be a VPN concentrator, 24x7 monitoring of VPN connections, security alerts, remote software maintenance and monthly reports will now include information on tunnel uptime and connections.
  Host-based IDS - Intrusion detection and incident response - By adding the IDS packages to a Level 2 management service, Wabot configures intrusion detection software on your firewall and logs all traffic, watching for suspicious activity. Suspicious activity is filtered and evaluated. Possible incidences of breach are responded to appropriately by the Wabot Network Operations Center.
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