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Wabot offers a variety of products and services, including:

* Policy management, such as risk assessment and policy negotiation
* Risk Management including, user administration, intrusion detection, security audits, and escalation
* Forensics, such as response, capture, and recovery of data
* Enforcement issues involving identity and permissions

Many companies are partnering with Wabot for consulting and vulnerability assessments, policy reviews, virtual private networks (VPNs), intrusion detection services (IDS) and firewall monitoring. To achieve true and total security solution, corporations need to make sure their Security Service Provider can provide a true continuum of services, from policy management to planned response should a breach occur.

How Can Wabot Labs Help?

As a leading security services provider, Wabot Labs is the single source for network and infrastructure availability, performance and security. Our team of security consultants and technicians deliver a comprehensive set of security-related services, including 24x7x365 remote security monitoring and management, remote perimeter management, as well as the security of application servers and critical devices throughout the corporate network.

Wabot Labs security services provide a framework for establishing a security program in virtually any company or organization. By utilizing Wabot Labs security services, our highly skilled security professionals can work with a company to establish an individualized security program. In addition, Wabot Labs onsite consulting offers customers a wide range of services, from definition of business requirements, security architecture and system design and security product integration, to onsite incident recovery services.

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