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We help you define a standard procedure for identifying, prioritizing, escalating and resolving technical issues. At custom-tailored polling intervals, the Wabot Network Operation Center checks your critical systems -- including network connectivity, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, DNS, IMAP, POP3, NNTP, SSH, disk space and other processes. Any technical issues that occur are categorized, assessed as to your pre-defined requirements, and acted upon according to Severity Levels.

No problems detected: Wabot continues to monitor.

"Peace of mind"

Level 1: Non-essential software available
Software installed or repairs made at scheduled interval

Level 2: Non-critical issue detected (For example, low performance due to
large mail spool) Customer notified for scheduled resolution

Level 3: Critical issue detected (For example, Apache stops serving HTTP
requests) Customer contacted for immediate resolution


Level 4: Emergency issue (For example, system security compromised or hacked) Wabot makes immediate repairs, customer notified ASAP Depending on your requirements, we can also seamlessly work with your existing monitoring infrastructure and add on our other services such as remote system administration or software updates.


Wabot Labs Remote Services provide the deep open-source expertise needed to keep your mission-critical systems up and running, thus freeing up and optimizing your in-house IT resources. Remote system administration services include repairs, performance tuning, virtual domain management, Web server logs, e-mail aliases and lists, FTP server logs, primary and secondary DNS zones, authentication, and user account maintenance.

Remote Services
   System Monitoring 24 x    7 x 365
   System Administration
   Alert Notification
   Network Design &    Implementation
   Network Administration