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The Network Design and Implementation Service offered by Wabot Labs is a comprehensive package that, in the design stage, will take into account workflow infrastructure needed for future growth, quality hardware and application software for Local and/or Wide Area Networks. The implementation aspect of this service will include turnkey implementation and training of personnel to fully utilize this new technology-investment.

What items are included?

  • a detailed analysis of the infrastructure, recommending needed hardware as determined from goal setting sessions with principals
  • workflow design including a schematic of the business layout showing the current workflow pattern and recommendations for
  • optimization of the locations of various equipment and personnel
  • network architecture expansion plan
  • software application recommendations and verifying integration
  • installation, configuration and testing of system
  • training of key personnel in network administration
  • training for each network user on desktop application software
  • graphical representation (technical drawings) of the architecture and workflow design
  • detailed documentation of system setup for servers, printers and workstations including documentation on drivers, application configurations and virus pattern files
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       Network Design &    Implementation
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