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The Network Administration Program offered by Wabot Labs is a comprehensive package created to answer your network administration needs. Network administration is the backbone of your computing environment. The Network Administration Program allows your organization to gain the advantage of a Network
Administrator without the expense involved in hiring a full-time person. The program ensures the important functions normally performed by a network administrator are taken care of on a monthly or quarterly basis.

What will WABOT provide to my business?

Statistics are gathered about your network on a regular basis and a report is prepared informing you of any current or potential problems as well as suggestions for improving network performance and reliability. Some of the specific items covered include:

  • Check backup logs and schedules to verify backups are being done properly.
  • Restore specific files to verify ability to restore from most recent backup
  • Verify status of Mirrored/Duplexed/RAID disk drives to insure protection from disk drive or controller failure
  • Record disk space usage to analyze trends and make recommendations for future drive upgrades
  • Check Network Error Logs for any undetected errors
  • Record LAN Statistics for analysis of current or potential problems in network interface cards or wiring
  • Verify UPS is working properly
  • Record File Server Resource Usage Statistics for analysis of potential problems or future expansion of file server RAM
  • Review Disaster Recovery Plans if available and make recommendations for changes
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