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  WAP Gateway - Asia's First Public WAP Gateway
  Wabot WAP Gateway which translates requests from a WAP-enabled device to the Internet, retrieves necessary information from the Web and sends it back to the WAP-enabled device. Information sent back is compacted by the gateway to save bandwidth, enabling faster mobile browsing. It is compatible with all WAP-enabled devices such as mobile phones, hand-held PC's, two-way pagers, smart phones, and PDA's.Our inbuilt FD-RAS [Fast Digital Remote Access Server] reduces the time taken for the connection from 40 sec. to 20 sec.  
  WAP Gateway Features
  • Scalable, high performance architecture
  • Works on ubiquitous UDP/IP network
  • Optional customized security module (WTLS)
  • Optional customized security module (WTLS)
  • Open API similar to BSD Sockets to facilitate easy migration of existing applications and development of new applications
  • Interoperable with any WAP compliant mobile terminal
  • Seamless integration with existing enterprise web servers
  • Web based tool for configuration and remote administration
  Multi Threaded Proxy Server
  • Enables multiple connections without a drop in server performance as perceived by the mobile user
  • Facilitates scalability
  Support for Multiple Tunneling Protocols
  • Provides flexibility for mobile service providers operating in markets such as GSM SMS, GSM USSD, CSD, CDMA, GPRS and Mobile-IP
  Secure Transactions
  • WTLS is an optional module
  • Can be customized and integrated into WAP Gateway as a plug-in
  High Performance Kernel Mode Stack
  • Optimized for kernel mode operation
  • Eliminates synchronization overheads across multiple connections
  Highly Portable
  • The stack is designed to allow fast and reliable porting to new platforms
  Fully Featured API similar to BSD sockets
  • Allows easy migration of existing applications to cater to mobile computing needs
  Easily Configurable
  • Web-based GUI for easy configuration and remote administration
  • EJB Compliant - Port our applications to other platforms
  • Portable across various platforms, enabling fast deployment
  • Enabled with transaction servers
  • Additional services for customization
  • Committed support
Wireless application gateways are important components of any business-to-consumer, business-to-business, or business-to-enterprise mobile strategy. They are so important that, in almost all cases, enterprises should not deploy wireless applications without using a wireless application gateway as it is the only means to rapidly prototype, test and deploy new device/network/content combinations and control maintenance costs.
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