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  m-Notification Server
  m-Notification Server is a highly scalable, high performance solution for user notification services. Developers can target end users with SMS, WAP, or email-based notifications. Features include one-way, two-way notifications and rules-based delivery definition. Work can be exceptionally enhanced through mobile e-mail, alerts, and print to fax capability. Your staff can receive e-mails while on the road, and reply or forward important e-mail messages. Even attachments can be efficiently managed by printing to the nearest fax machine.  
  SMS Message Distribution Features
  Distribution of SMS messages to and from multiple phones
  • Mobile terminated SMS messaging
  • 2-way messaging
  • Mobile originated SMS messaging, using short or long local numbers
  • 8-bit SMS messaging, e.g. ringtones & logo's
  SMS Message Features
  • Multiple languages
  • Branding of messages
  • Customized originator information
  Protocols Supported
  • Customer-side messaging interface: XML, SOAP, SMTP, SMPP
  • Security: HTTPS, IPsec
  Reporting Capabilities
  Customers can track messages online and in real-time by
  • Destination country telephone number
  • Time (week, day, time)
  • Status (deliverable vs non-deliverable)
  • Type of message, e.g. 8-bit ringtone
  The m-Notification Server allows for the intelligent routing of information between the main systems within an enterprise and any mobile device
  Information stored in a database can be retrieved and updated.
  Selected information from intranet and Internet sites can be retrieved and updated.
  Emails can be read, sent and forwarded
  System Management
  Systems can easily be administered
  Supports a variety of technologies and protocols
  Currently supports
  • SMS
  • WAP
  • i-mode
  • Mobile Email
  Will support future messaging and browsing protocols
  • EMS
  • MMS
  • 3G Messaging
  The server runs on any platform including
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Windows NT/2000
  Fully bi-directional
  The software is completely bi-directional allowing users to carry out the following using any mobile device
  • Access and update a database
  • Read, forward and send emails
  • Access an intranet web page
  • Restart a critical program
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Supports enhanced productivity
  • Simplifies deployment of new services
      Example Uses
      Just some examples of the many uses to which the m-Notification Server can be put are
    • Retrieve information from a database using your mobile phone
    • Request web based information using your mobile phone
    • System event monitoring
    • Send an e-mail using your mobile phone (SMS to e-mail)
    • Send SMS messages from a mail application (e-mail to SMS)
    • Configure e-mail notification to monitor your personal mail account
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