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  m-Entertainment Server
  Wabot's m-Entertainment Server is a mobile entertainment software solution that enables service providers to offer innovative entertainment services to their subscribers via SMS, Web, and WAP. Entertainment content and services such as ringtones, icons, logos, picture messages, themes and comics, downloadable quizzes, providing subscribers with a complete wireless experience  
  m-Entertainment Server creates significant additional revenue for mobile operators and service providers by increasing traffic in a new and exciting way without the additional investment in network infrastructure. With remarkably short deployment times, m-Entertainment Server integrates with the service provider's user authentication system, SMSC connection, and billing system. It boasts regular upgrades, ease of expansion, customizable interface and supports available mass-market handsets and technologies
  Subscribers access the m-Entertainment Server solutions from the web interface or directly by using mobile phone by SMS service. As a service provider, you cannot afford to overlook the obvious choice for a total mobile entertainment solution - m-Entertainment Server
  Wabot's commitment to continually develop the m-Entertainment Server product to meet future mobile platform standards will mean the unrelenting progression for new and upcoming content and services
  Contact sales@Wabot.com for more information
  End User Services
  m-Entertainment Server Makes Possible the Delivery of Subscriber Services
  • Ringtones: Golden oldies, swinging 60's, pop, funk, rock or movie themes, all the favorite tunes now immortalized as a downloadable ringtone for mobile pleasure
  • Icons: Graphical display to replace operator logos or caller group icons, animal, mineral, vegetable, every popular pic available from sports team logos to seductive screen tattoos
  • Picture Messages: When words alone are not enough. The logo text combo provides the ultimate in person-to-person mobile communication, saying it all - on the move
  • Themes: A small selection of content items for the individual subscriber, running on a theme, consisting of any combination of ringtones, icons, picture messages relating to a specific subject for example 'Pokemon' or 'Star Wars
  • Profiles: A perfect complement of ringtone, screensaver and picture, for the latest in Nokia handsets
  • Comics: A series of content items delivered one at a time. The comic strips can consist of several frames (individual content items) with each frame as any given combination of picture messages, ringtones, icons and text messages
  • Campaigns: Add on packages to COSMO, designed for special occasions, ie. Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc. A great revenue booster at peak festive periods
 Delivery Technology The Wabot m-Entertainment Platform delivers innovative, revenue generating mobile entertainment services through its integrated Delivery Technology and Billing capability.
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