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  The premier solution for enabling real-time online and offline access to vital enterprise data and applications anytime, anywhere.
  Wabot M-Corporate platform Version 3.0 is the most advanced Enterprise Integration Server solution available today for developing and deploying applications for mobile devices. It offers enterprises a robust, low-risk solution for improving employee productivity, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing operational cost by wirelessly enabling key enterprise systems and processes. Through our m-Corporate Platform, scheduling, addresses, and other contact information can be accessed through any device, and unified with e-mail, SMS and print to fax capabilities. All these functions can be combined to support any other mobile application.  
  Wabot builds cross-platform applications to better serve end-users and increase revenues. Wabot's platform offers openness and flexibility, associated with the dominant and most-widespread industry standards to ensure a fast and easy integration within its customers' architecture.
  Features Summary
  • Rapid time, fixed price, fixed scope
  • Support for mobile email, including MS Exchange and Lotus Notes, via IMAP and POP3 protocols
  • Integrated corporate email with corporate directory (LDAP)
  • Secure connectivity between devices and backend email servers through WTLS / SSL
  • Optional access to mobile news and weather with hosted deployment
  Wabot allows companies to extend enterprise applications out to their mobile workforce and beyond the boundaries of fixed-line systems. Significant improvements in business processes through wireless messaging help companies increase their profitability and provide a competitive edge.
  • real-time wireless connectivity
  • Remote data collection
  • Web-based reporting
  • Easy-to-integrate mobile solution
  • Scalable to thousands of users
  • Thin-client alternatives such as WAP-protocol smart phones
  • Control over call schedules, surveys
  • Alert capabilities
  • On-the-job performances
  • Customized electronic surveys and inventories
  • Deliver aggregated in-store information
  • Multi-session environment
Currently, less than 5% of corporate applications are enabled for wireless/mobile users, but market demands will push this to 15% -20% by 2002/03 and nearly 50% by 2004/05.
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