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Wabot nBanc is a unique connectivity solution for any banking/financial institution looking towards providing location independent services to its clients. The value added anytime anywhere service is fast becoming a mandatory requirement for the financial institutions.

nBanc provides a transparent connectivity interface between various branches, manually attended registers and automatic teller machines thus facilitating a fast and secure access to databases distributed over an umpteen number of branches WITHOUT having to replace existing software setup even if they are deployed on differing operating systems.

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* Fast, Secure, Cost effective connectivity
* Compatible with most Operating Systems
* No replacements in existing setup required
* Support for all modes of connectivity-Dialup, Lease line, RF link et. al.
* Secure connectivity between servers and clients through SSL
* 1024 bit encryption for data flow - Safeguard against break ins
* Extremely easy administration
* Scalable to thousands of branches and teller machines

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