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So you're interested in partnering with Wabot?

Thank you for your interest! Our goal is to provide you with communications solutions that will make you and your customers more successful. We're always available for support or to suggest enhancements of our service offering. Working with independent businesses such as yours is a primary means of reaching customers, so we value both the relationship and your input of how we can improve it. When you become an authorized representative of Wabot, you will be given free demo and management accounts to illustrate how Wabot can help many different types of businesses become more productive and customer friendly. There are many platforms (versions) of Wabot tailored for individual businesses.

As a bonus, you can also use the free management accounts to streamline your own business by tracking sales leads, service calls, time, expenses and appointments! By using Wabot internally, your staff is better equipped to sell and support customers. Please contact our customer support organization if you would like more information about becoming an authorized Wabot reseller or technology partner.


James is a tradesman working for a Construction Company. He keeps his timecard electronically– while in his truck and at the job site. With the single push of button on his mobile phone he indicates when he starts work on a job and when he stops, when he breaks for lunch and when he attends a company safety meeting. His supervisor, also in the field, instantly gets this information, as well as timecards from the other crewmembers. The supervisor also assigns these hours against job cost codes and sends them on. Before the day is done, the office has calculated payroll expenses for today, and the project engineer has adjusted the project schedule and budget. Tomorrow’s work assignments may have changed, and James receives his updates on his mobile phone before he finishes dinner.

Are you in Construction? Interested in Worker Reporting? Crew Reporting? Labor Reporting? We know your business and we have an easy platform solution for your needs! And not only that, but Wabot templates are flexible and customizable to work with any legacy system you may have in place. Sign up online for a free demo to see how Wabot can effectively lower your operating costs while increasing your employees productivity.

Public Safety/Security

Anderson is a code enforcement officer with the Public Safety Department of Singapore. He spends his days making inspections, investigating complaints, and answering questions. His biggest headache used to be the paperwork. There are forms for everything. They have to be filled out, turned in, and followed up. If one was lost, it only got worse. But now Andy fills out his paperwork electronically. Each form is stored on his computerized clipboard. Filling them out is easier, too– basic information is already filled out in the office, and new data is automatically checked. All of this "paperwork" is instantly sent back to the office where it automatically becomes part of the file. These municipal records are then available to other officers, supervisors and citizens.

Managing his day is easier now also. Instead of checking in with the office all the time, Andy has his assignments come directly to his clipboard. Special instructions, a history on a particular complaint, or other details, are easily accessible. His notes and actions are also on file the moment he "files" his form. Being on line wirelessly while in the field is a great benefit to Andy. His day seems to go smoother, and his paperwork headaches have disappeared.

Are you involved in Public Safety or Security? We have a platform that's just right for your business! And not only that, but it's customizable to accommodate the specific needs of your company. Sign up online for a free demo to see how Wabot can streamline the way you do business.

Courier Industry

Gary is a bicycle messenger. He works for FlyHigh Courier. His life is all about staying in the fast lane. The faster he can close out a delivery and get his next one, the more he earns. Gary is paid a portion of what he generates for the company, and sitting still doesn't earn anyone anything.

Flyhigh dispatches new jobs to its couriers wirelessly. Messenger can use whatever wireless devices they prefer. The company even provides an allowance to each person to pay the basic cost. Gary prefers his cell phone with web capability because it has good coverage in the downtown area, and he can use the voice to talk with his girlfriend during breaks. But when on the job, he’s all data. He reads his assignments on the screen (address, directions, contact and special instructions) and accepts the job with a single push of a button. When he first picks up the package, he again pushes a button; then when he delivers the package, he enters the POD (proof of delivery) -- and reads his next job. He likes not having to wait (for the dispatcher to get off the radio and get around to him). He likes having his next job waiting for him, instead of him waiting for his next job.

Gary can see how much he is making with each delivery. It is calculated and displayed every time he completes a delivery. He stays motivated. The office needs fewer dispatchers (less than half, for a busy operation) because everything runs smoother with data moving the information instead of voice. And customers are pleased because they can track their packages on line, instantly. There is no need to call FlyHigh to find out if the package has been delivered. Many customers don’t even call in their orders anymore, they do that on line also. Fewer errors, faster confirmation, happier customers.

The world is moving faster! Your clients keep demanding faster and faster service. They want more options and they want it for less! We feel your pain and we're here to salve the wounds. Wabot has experience working with a variety of Transportation and Delivery services. Not only is Wabot mobile platform easy and affordable, but it's so flexible and customizable you never have to compromise. Wabot can accommodate your company's specific needs. Check out our simple Courier Demo here or sign up online for a free full-featured demo to see how Wabot can effectively lower your operating costs while increasing your employees productivity!


Tom and Neil own three "end dump" trucks that are leased out to Olympus, a large construction materials hauling company. Tom drives one of the trucks, and he has two hired drivers for the others. Neil runs the office and manages the books. Payroll and billing have always been a particular chore because of all the detail and reporting required. Reconciling these records with the hauling company can also be a headache.

Now, the Olympus is trying to use Wabot to track operations and link this activity with its customers. The company issued all of the drivers, including the owner-operators like Tom, smart phones to receive their dispatches and to signal their status on jobs. This was an easy transition, and insured that drivers all got accurate instructions and it minimized errors. But it mostly helped the hauling company. The customized dispatch services greatly improves operating efficiency and reduces paperwork and reporting errors. Want to learn more about how Wabot provides dispatch services and a seamless tracking systems for your fleet? We have a solution that'll blow you away! And better still, it's customizable to accommodate the unique needs of your company. Sign up online for a free demo and let us show you.

Retail Banking

When ABC wanted to use the wireless channel to offer their customers greater convenience and service with an easy to use tool, they chose Wabot Mobile Platform for a rapid deployment solution. ABC launched their WAP banking in April 2000. Wabot provide a multi-device infrastructure Wabot Mobile Platform designed, built and delivered a full set of production ready WAP services for use on a variety of devices. Within days, ABC deployed a robust software infrastructure for secure, scalable and consistent multi-device and digital channel delivery of information and transaction systems.

Consistency with existing channels; The ABC customer has an m-banking interface which is consistent with other channels. Using the same ID and password for online and phone banking, the customer can gain access to key banking functionality.

Rapid rollout; Speed to market was key in order for WAP banking capabilities to coincide with the free wap phone offer which was to launch within a matter of weeks. Wabot achieved a turnaround time well within the deadlines. The overall time from proof of concept to a full production system was approximately one week.

Banking and credit card account facilities; The ABC customer has access to a range of banking facilities from across their bank and credit card accounts.

Ease of use; The service operates on a‘ minimum click’ basis. Information is clearly and concisely presented on screen and optimised for a variety of devices on the market.

Solid futureproof architecture; The system leverages and extends ABC’s existing IT systems and technical infrastructure into the world of mobile“ anytime, anywhere” wireless delivery. Wabot provided a robust multi-device architecture on a fully scalable and distributed platform. This infrastructure can be leveraged for ongoing developments including voice and iDTV technologies. The platform is flexible for capabilities to be introduced on forthcoming devices and operator networks including GPRS and 3G.

ABC set about offering anywhere, anytime computing

ABC embarked upon a plan to launch banking on the wireless channel to offer greater convenience and choice in carrying out banking activities. ABC particularly wanted to offer wireless banking to coincide with a WAP phone promotion - a free WAP mobile phone with every new student account opened. With a deadline just weeks away, they engaged Wabot Mobile Platform to implement a wireless solution, which would work a range of other pre-paid and post-paid WAP phones.

The measure of success Since the launch, ABC has noticed a steady rise in usage, particularly around the holiday season towards the end of last year when a significant increase in the purchase and usage of WAP phones was apparent.

Being where the customer is - what lies ahead… ABC has successfully extended it’s reach to be where the customer is through it’s strategic use of digital channels. Wireless banking which followed internet banking and phone banking has enabled ABC to reach out to a particular market segment while providing valuable services to it’s customer base in general. When it comes to considering future plans, wireless architecture can be effectively leveraged for the provision of iDTV services, which enable customers to have‘ at home’ access to their financial portfolio. Developments in other areas key to financial services include mobile payment where the customer can use their mobile device for peer to peer payment or for a point of sale payment. With security and authentication being of vital importance to banks, the availability of biometric authentication using voiceprint or fingerprint on a mobile device may become a reality even sooner than expected.



A well-known healthcare company was having various problems with their selling and order taking processes:

* Customer contact information and history wasn’t portable enough

* Pricing changes were not communicated effectively

* Information regarding product availability was not conveniently available

* Competitive information was not readily available

* Orders were entered incorrectly and, in many cases, several days after being placed. The Solution Utilizing Wabot’s mobile platform and Professional Services, a mobile solution was created to solve the above problems. The application includes the following functionality: * Customer contact and shipping information

* Product catalog with pricing and descriptions

* Order status highlighting which products are on backorder

* Order history

* Product availability

* Competitive product cross reference and pricing list

The application has met with so much success that corporate headquarters is looking at making its use standard across all divisions. In addition, while the initial application was a pilot with limited functionality to see if sales would use the tools, and if the tools really drove revenue and reduced cost, success to date is leading to various extensions.

The next-generation tool will be a high fidelity application with both offline functionality enabled through database synchronization, and real-time functionality made possible through wireless services. The customer is confident this next phase will create an even higher return on their investment than the pilot, thus resulting in a clear competitive advantage for their company’s sales force.


Wabot can has enable clients within the insurance industry to leverage wireless applications for their field agents. Large insurance companies typically employ hundreds to thousands of mobile reps who either engage customers during sales cycles or in a claims processing situation. These companies have identified radical improvements and cost savings that resulted from empowering those agents with wireless access to corporate systems at the time of customer interaction. Just a few of the applications now possible are: * Rapid quote generation to provide more accurate assessment during the sales call * Catastrophe and disaster reporting direct from the site in the field * Claims inquiry and policy confirmation which bypasses a lengthy paper-based claims process and allows on the spot payment and thus greater customer satisfaction

Manufacturing and Distribution

The CIOs of Wabot Rs manufacturing and distribution customers have seen the value in delivering wireless ERP access to mobile sales reps and customers. The ability to get immediate, on location access to inventory data, customer specific pricing, and order entry can:

* Shorten lead times for order placement

* Improve order accuracy by eliminating re-keying of paperbased orders

* Relieve burden on call centers by allowing sales-force and customers’ purchasing managers to check order status and product availability

* Improve sales person productivity by replacing bulky laptops that require dialup with real-time access to customer profile information

* Reduce order shipment cycles through intelligent notifications that alert reps and managers of orders that have been placed on hold so they can proactively resolve those issues

Field Service

Enterprise customers see added efficiencies in service, maintenance, and repair operations by provisioning field reps with mobile devices that provide accurate, up to date equipment information on site.

Reps can be alerted and more efficiently dispatched in the field; they are also armed with direct access to back-end systems at the time of servicing. As a result these enterprises experience:

* Faster response times

* Improved repair turnaround time which leads to less customer down-time and thus greater margins

* Improved customer satisfaction

Wireless CRM

There's one question that ABC company’s salespeople used to dread hearing: "Do you have that in stock?"

The simple query could trigger a salesperson's slinking off, right in the middle of customer meetings, to call the customer service department just to get a simple inventory question answered. And when it was finally time to fill the order, receive price estimates and check inventory levels, they had to fax paper forms to the customer service department and then get back at a later date to the customer about final pricing and inventory levels. Securing a sale might take days.

Then ABC got CRM (customer relationship management), and it got it good. Jumping right over the fact that some sales representatives don't have PCs yet, ABC went straight to the customer-handling dream of the future: wireless CRM.

ABC executives gave 10 sales managers and three field sales representatives WAP Phone to pilot. The reps use the devices to check inventories and customer purchase histories and to reach the mecca of sales: closing sales on the spot. ABC is so happy with the results of the pilot that the staff of 85 field sales reps will soon start using the devices, In some cases, as with ABC, the idea is to equip sales staff with a handheld device or WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)-enabled cell phone that offers limited functions—such as contact management, lead management alerts, inventory level checks, pricing and the like—to accomplish predetermined tasks such as checking inventory and price or accessing contact database information. In addition, vendors promise one day to deliver wireless deployments that involve nearly full-scale CRM capabilities, such as depiction of full customer data histories and the ability to perform analytics on, and to launch e-mail campaigns spawned from, that data by keying in to a PDA (personal digital assistant) or a wireless laptop.

Wireless CRM—the impossible dream?

Enabling salespeople to access the company's invaluable archives of customer data anywhere, anytime sounds like a dream that Wabot Labs can fulfill.

Wireless SCM

Connect the supply chain.

A manufacturing plant manager carrying a Wireless information device receives an alert message that raw material supply has dropped below the critical level. Through an interface to a business-to-business (B2B) materials exchange, the plant manager also receives a list of vendors that currently carry the required ingredient, sorted by price and distance from the plant. The plant manager chooses a vendor and forwards the details to the trucking dispatcher to arrange transportation for the order.

Manage the sales and delivery pipelines from the road. Your sales team closes a major deal that requires a fast response from your production teams. Your sales manager's first move is to use her Wireless device to confirm the order. The automated pipeline system notifies your production manager, shipping clerk, and resource manager of the new order. Providing your sales team with the ability to advance the pipeline from the road saves time and allows your company to meet customer expectations.


Solution Stories