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A.P.K.Potty - Director

A.P.K.P. plays a key role for all aspects of Wabot Rs product design and technology development. He has expertise in System administration, Algorithms, Digital security, System/function analysis, Graphics & Vision, Networking, RDBMS and Optimizations.

A.P.K.P. has a Master of Science (Maths) and M.Tech (Computer Science) from IIT Bombay.
  Mangesh Mahajan - Director

Mr. Mangesh is responsible for planning, strategy formulation, and developing emerging technology products and solutions.

He has extensive experience in intellectual property filings, digital security, ethical hacking, System/function analysis, IS strategy, FOREX/Insurance prediction systems and Algorithms.

Mangesh has a Master of Science (Chemistry) from IIT Bombay and Master of Science (ADMIS) from London School of Economics.

Sunil Shetye - Director

Mr. Shetye is responsible for all aspects of Wabot's product and technology development. Throughout his career, he has developed a comprehensive knowledge of Networking, Mathematics, Programming, GNALU problems, High-end computing techniques, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic.

Mr. Shetye has a M.Tech from IIT Bombay.

Deep Paldiwal - CEO

Deep Paldiwal's vision and entrepreneurial spirit are the driving forces behind the creation, growth and ongoing success of Wabot Labs. Deep is responsible for all Wabot Labs business and corporate development efforts including partnering, alliance-building, and opening new markets and channels. He has the overall responsibility of implementing the objectives of our wireless service offering. His efforts have also been pivotal in the introduction of new technologies such as Intranet Synching and Wireless VPN, and many new product launches.

Mr. Deep is responsible for identifying attractive industry, proposal development, growth and demand prospects, pricing strategy, domestic and international marketing, delivering our Service products to the end user, corporate communications and broadcast, as well as our overall corporate image and branding efforts. Typical issues that he addresses include managing under financial, marketing, and technological uncertainty; marketing to unknown markets; and creating new markets and applications.

His experience in market analysis, analyzing the major potential customer groups, and customer requirement analysis, provides the insights and skills necessary to achieve Wabot's strategic objectives. He also has extensive experience consulting on key technology projects.

Prior to Wabot, Deep was serving Stanford Research Institute Consulting, U.S.A. He is a management graduate from Harvard, and a member of Harvard Faculty Club.


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